Shinn Ranch Introduction

The William D. Shinn Ranch resides on 40 acres on the west side of the well established and award winning Lodi Appellation. William D. Shinn, better known as Bill, is a 5th generation grape grower on the ranch and is owner of the W.D. Shinn Ranch. His only son, John, is currently the Operations Manager and is the 6th generation to be farming on in the Lodi/Woodbridge area.

Our goal at the Shinn Ranch is to produce high quality grapes for sale to wineries that are known for their high quality wines in a manner that is both environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. We believe in environmental stewardship and farming for future generations. In addition to Bill and John, Sharon Shinn is in charge of the office and finances at Shinn Ranch and is truly the engine that keeps the ranch running.

Salvador Mendez is the ranch Foreman and is one in a long line of his family that has been working with the Shinn Family since the 1940’s. Bill’s brother Steven is also continuing on the Shinn farming legacy as well as his son Matt, who is also a 6th generation farmer. For more on the Shinn family history, please visit our Family History page.

Shinn Ranch Members Of:

We are proud to affiliate ourselves as members of the:
Lodi - Woodbridge Wine Commission.

Lodi - Woodbridge Wine Commission

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